Razer to ship Project Hazel N95 respirator in October

The first time we heard about Razer's Project Hazel N95 respirator was in January of this year, when the pandemic was raging around the world. While some parts of the world are still fighting the pandemic, the pandemic is easing in the US and other countries. Despite that we seem to be on the tail end of the coronavirus pandemic, Razer has announced that it will begin shipping Project Hazel masks in October.

Razer has talked about its plans for shipping the mask at E3. In March, the company said that while people are being vaccinated, it understood some people still wanted to wear a mask to eliminate risk even further. The masks will ship in what Razer calls "drops" in limited quantities, with the first landing around October.

Instagram users wanting to see what the mask looks like on their face can hop over to the mobile site and check out the Project Hazel filter that adds the mask to your picture. The mask has been updated with some modest changes, including an anti-fog coating on the transparent section of the mask. The transparent section is meant to allow people to see the wearer's face and their expression.

Reports also indicate that the mask has been redesigned with a more streamlined look. Other mask features remain the same as the first time we heard about it, including active ventilation and sterilization capability. In addition, the mask features replaceable filters allowing it to be more sustainable, and it has LED lights on the pods that indicate charge status.

Internal lights make it easier for people around you to see your mouth in low-light situations. Audio processing algorithms pick up the wearer's speech and amplify it, making it easier for those around you to hear your voice. Razer fits Project Hazel with soft silicone around the edges for an airtight seal along with adjustable air loops. Airflow inside the mask can also be adjusted for comfort, and multiple sizes are available. Pricing is still a mystery, but we should learn that critical detail before October rolls around.