Razer Stargazer hands-on

With today's announcement of the Blade Stealth and Core, Razer showed that they wanted to change the way gamers played both on the go, and at home. However, their announcements didn't stop there. Not content with enhancing the way we play games, they also want to change the way we broadcast our games.

If you've ever watched someone stream games on Twitch or YouTube, you've probably seen a few people who blend into the game, thanks to a green screen. Utilizing a green screen, you're able to cut out the entire background, only leaving yourself viewable in the video.

This not only looks more professional, but it means that you're taking up less room on the screen. Unfortunately green screen setups can be costly and cumbersome, as you need a fair bit of space, and the proper lighting to make it work. But what if you didn't need to do any of that? That's exactly what Razer has been thinking about.

More Razer Stargazer details

Today, the company announced the Razer Stargazer, which they tout as "The world's most advanced webcam." I was able to spend a little time with it, and they weren't kidding. Utilizing Intel's RealSense technology, the camera is able to capture a 3D image that is able to distinguish between objects in the foreground, and those behind them. It then automatically removes the entire background, with little or no effort on the part of the user.

Razer Stargazer details:

• 720p60 HD video capture optimized for streaming

• 1080p30 HD video capture for video conferencing

• Automatic noise cancelling dual array mic

• Dynamic Background Removal

• 3D scanning

• Facial/gesture recognition

• Flexible clip for laptops and desktop monitors

• Intel 6th Generation Core processor

• USB 3.0 connectivity

• Windows 10 only

Another feature that will assist gamers is the fact that it can capture 720p video at 60 frames per second. That means that if you're recording a game that also runs at 60 fps, your webcam will be able to keep up. Other cams have been limited to 30 fps, regardless of what resolution they're shooting at. The Stargazer also captures full 1080p, though only at 30 fps.

The camera also features up to 78 points of facial recognition, and 22 points of gesture recognition on each hand. This means that you can add gestures to your everyday computing tasks. More importantly than that, the facial recognition allows it to work with Windows Hello.

It is actually the first webcam on the market to do so. By using the Stargazer with Windows Hello, you need only walk up to your computer to have it unlock. And while you may have seen features like this before, by utilizing those 78 points of facial recognition, you need an actual person's head in front of the camera in order for it to unlock. Previous setups could be easily defeated with a simple printed picture.

By combining all of these new features, the Stargazer really is the most advanced webcam in the world. You will be able to purchase one for yourself starting in Q2 of this year, for $199.99.