Razer Phone 2 launch details include Project Linda

The computing power that we hold in our hands, pockets, and bags are nothing short of impressive. This has led not a few, including Samsung and Huawei, to try and turn our smartphones into "regular" computers, be it desktops or laptops. And almost all of them fall short of being perfect. That hasn't stopped Razer, the newest kid on the smartphone block, from trying anyway. The result was Project Linda, and this phone-powered laptop might be appearing around IFA later this year, together with the next Razer Phone.

Yes, the Razer Phone just got launched in the market and probably isn't raking in dough just yet. Of course, the smartphone market is a fast-moving one and it is normal for even small OEMs, like OnePlus for example, to put out a new flagship every year. And who is Razer to break that tradition?

According to an insider source, Razer will be announcing the Razer Phone 2, name still pending, sometime in September. Unless it wants to to an LG and steer clear of the flood of announcements, that might take place at IFA 2018 in Berlin. But while nothing about that phone is known at this point, it might come with something more interesting than its specs.

According to the source, Project Linda could also be launched at the same time as the Razer Phone 2, probably as its official partner accessory. For those who might have missed it, Linda is Razer's attempt at making a "dumb laptop" that the Razer Phone can slot into, turning it into a potentially usable Android laptop. You can read our hands-on at CES for the nitty gritty of this curious product.

Of course, that still all depends on whether Razer will actually push through with Project Linda in the first place. The same source says that company execs will be deciding on that in the next few days. There definitely is some interest and CEO Min-Liang Tan, in replying to Marques Brownlee, a.k.a. MKBHD, seemed to suggest the company is indeed heading in that direction.

VIA: Frandroid