Razer Kaira Headphones For PlayStation Go Pro With Wireless PS5 Audio

Razer just revealed their top-tier headphone line for the Sony PlayStation 5, equipped with high-end audio and matching aesthetics. The Razer Kaira is a name you might've heard in the past, if you're looking for high quality gaming-aimed headphones. Here the company has a few versions of the headphones/headsets with some key PlayStation features.

The company revealed two headsets this week, one Kaira Headset for PlayStation, one Kaira Pro for PlayStation. They also revealed a Razer Quick Charging Stand for PlayStation for DualSense controllers. If you're looking for the least expensive Razer headphones made specifically for the PS5, you'll want the previously released Razer Kaira X for PlayStation – that will give you just the basics!

The Razer Kaira Headset for PlayStation works with TriForce 50mm Drivers, while the Pro version works with TriForce Titanium Drivers. The Kaira works with a Razer HyperClear Cardiod Mic, while the Pro works with a similar mic that's also detachable. Both headsets work with Razer SmartSwitch, enabling quick switching between 2.4GHz wireless connectivity and Bluetooth.

You might want to switch between devices – especially if you're the sort of gamer who uses a PlayStation 5 some of the time, but switches to a cloud gaming or mobile gaming platform whilst on-the-go. Low-latency Bluetooth in the headset works with Quick Connect functionality for easy flipping between devices.

UPDATE: An earlier version of this article suggested these headphones had 3.5mm headphone jacks. This is not the case – both the Kaira and Kaira Pro work with wireless audio only.

Both versions of the headset work with wireless audio and wired (USB-C) charging. Both also have FlowKnit Memory Foam Cushions around each ear, and a set of external colors that match the colors of the PlayStation 5 – blue and white.

The Kaira Pro for PlayStation also comes equipped with Razer Hypersense. Razer's "Smart Haptic Technology" allows sound from the PlayStation 5 console to be paired with physical rumbling in the headphones.

The Razer Kaira for PlayStation will be released for a price of approximately $100 USD. The Razer Kaira Pro for PlayStation will cost around $200. There'll also be a Razer Quick Charging Stand for PlayStation available in White, Black, and Red colors for approximately $40 USD. Each of these peripherals should be available this week (mid-November, 2021) from Razer's online store and at retailers across the United States.