Razer Comms gaming communicator keeps you chatting on Android devices

Shane McGlaun - Dec 13, 2013, 4:36am CST
Razer Comms gaming communicator keeps you chatting on Android devices

Razer unveiled its interesting Comms chat service for gamers back in April of this year. The idea is that you can use the Razer service to allow you to communicate with friends in games without having to rely on the in-game chat that the video game itself offers. When it originally launched it worked with PCs.

Razer Comms uses a combination of VoIP, IRC, and instant messaging giving gamers multiple ways to chat with friends and teammates. The service was aimed at PC games only when it launched. Razer has announced this week that it has made an interesting change to its Comms service.

That change brings functionality for Android devices. That means if you get killed in a match and can’t spawn for a while, you can take your Android device and go to the bathroom or to get a snack without having to be away from the team communications. The Android service supports the same voice or text interaction that the Windows PC client offers.

You can use the Android app exclusively to eliminate one more thing your PC has to handle while you are gaming. When you are near the computer, you can respond to messages via the PC client or your Android device. The app is free and works on Android devices running Android 4.0 or later. You do have to set up a Comms account and have the software running on your PC.

SOURCE: Android Community

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