Razer Comms gaming communication service beta opened to the public

Razer has rolled out an open beta of its Razer Comms service, something it says is a one-stop-shop sort of communications solution for gamers around the world. Razer Comms initially started off as a closed beta, which supplied the company with feedback from those who were part of the program. Using that information, changes were made to the program, and now everyone can check them out.

Razer Comms utilizes a combination of VoIP, IRC features, and instant messaging to provide a multi-method means of communications for gamers. The aim of the service is to offer a single solution that any gamer can use, providing a communication platform across different kinds of gaming. The service is said to integrate with PC games, and to offer an overlay in-game.

Issues that would be detrimental to the service, such as lag and timeouts, are said to be dealt with using both fast servers and audio algorithms that sidestep the problems. To help ensure the audio is of a good quality, Razer Comms also features echo cancellation and noise reduction. According to the announcement, the project started off as a small internal endeavor and grew from there. It is free to use.

Razer's co-founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan said: "As a gamer, it gets pretty annoying switching between multiple clients all the time when playing and talking with your friends. Razer Comms offers a way around that challenge. By connecting gamers globally through a versatile software solution without any additional costs for the user, Razer Comms is a way for us to give back to our passionate fan base."

[via Razer]