Raspberry Pi racks up 100k orders from one store

Massive support has been found out there in the gadget-loving world for the tiny computer known as Raspberry Pi. This little beast has had its 100,000th order counted up at element14 for pre-orders starting back in late February. This number is also just part of the massive 350,000 orders counted up total for the device at stores worldwide. The manufacturing and distributing of this device are being worked on by teams doing "diligent" work to get all orders out by their cut-off date this late spring and summer – if you ordered by April 18th, in fact, you can expect your order to come in by the end of June!

This is by no means an unprecedented manufacturing line for hardware, by any means, but certainly is a positive note for those making their orders for this odd little monster before it's been formally introduced to reviewers. There's already a 10,000 unit pre-release shipment out there, but the second wave has not yet hit. Orders placed after April 18th are being called ready for July and onward. Individual customers will also be updated on their order status as updates are available.

This little machine, for those of you that don't know, is a computer without a case with a cute tiny Raspberry logo on it that costs $35 USD. It's designed to be undeniably inexpensive at the same time as being functional, and is aimed at changing the world with that combination. When you've got 100,000 orders racked up in ONE STORE before your product is shipped in bulk, you might consider your goal to have been met. We'll certainly be hearing more from the Raspberry Pi team in the near future!