Raspberry Pi app store launches

The Raspberry Pi team has launched the Pi Store, an app store for users of the low-cost code-tinkering boards, providing a place to easily find and share free and paid applications. Currently containing 24 apps, the Pi Store will not only contain finished titles, but tools for developers to build out their own, such as sprite packs and tutorials for more advanced programming.

There's also a tip jar system, allowing users to reward those who release their apps for free. A recommendation engine is also present, to suggest titles of potential interest based on previous downloads; that should be more useful when the store gets more content, since right now it's not too difficult to scroll through everything on offer.

Raspberry Pi sprang into the public eye when it released budget computers priced from $25, targeted initially at providing a low-cost platform for schools to teach programming, but swiftly adopted by developers of all ages and stages of expertise. With the launch of the Pi Store, the potential audience increases to include those who perhaps aren't so comfortable with code, but would still like to play with a 'board.

According toIndieCity, the company which is running the Pi Store, developers with an existing registration will be able to add a Pi SKU under the "platforms/installers" section of their setup. Apps can be released as works-in-progress as well as completed titles.

Those already with a Raspberry Pi can find the newest Raspbian image at the company's site, complete with Pi Store access. Alternatively it's possible to add it to an existing build.