Raon Digital Everun UMPC - incredibly detailed review

If you've been waiting for the low-down on Raon Digital's Everun before splashing out the cash on one of the dinky UMPCs yourself then look no further.  UMPCPortal's Chippy has obviously been burning both ends of the candle putting together one of the most comprehensive ultra-portable reviews I've seen.  No area of the Everun goes untouched, including the unique optical mouse, limitations and capabilities of the performance and potential applications.


Chippy comes to the conclusion that the Everun is a device for outputting content rather than creating it.  Portable media, eBooks, general web-surfing and the odd email with that handy keyboard, all fit neatly into the Everun's portfolio, but the low-powered 500MHz or 600MHz processor isn't going to do it any favours running more resource-intensive applications. 

If you've any interest at all in the current state of ultra-portables then you really need to read this review.

Raon Digital Everun UMPC Full Review [UMPCPortal.com]