Raon Digital Everun Note unboxed on video

Chris Davies - Sep 4, 2008

Raon Digital’s Everun Note is looking more and more like the holy grail for some mobile users: a super-portable touchscreen UMPC that, when back in the office, can be plugged into the mains and provide enough performance to be your main PC.  We’re still waiting for the first full-scale English language review, and it seems like Steve from UMPC Portal will be the man to deliver it. 

Check out the Raon Digital Everun Note unboxing video after the cut

First impressions are mixed, with a slightly flawed optical mouse pointer being the only significant problem.  The touchscreen more than makes up for it, though, and Steve reports smooth performance on playing a 7.5mbps WMV HD video, running Unreal Tournament and holding a Skype VoIP conversation.

Steve will be reviewing the Everun Note in a live webcam session later on today, at 3pm EST.  I’m particularly interested to see how well that compact keyboard holds up to serious attempts at typing, and to what extent the CPU is throttled back when on battery power.

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