Rant On The 5 Free Blu-Ray/HD-DVD Promotion

Some of you probably have purchased one of them, the Blu-ray or HD-DVD player with Free 5 movies offer in the mail deal. I sent mine out for god knows how long, if it weren't for this idiotic reminder I could have forgotten all about it. I got this postcard in mail yesterday, they are asking if I wish to cancel the free titles promotion order cause of an unexplained delay in process.

Excuse my Chinese, who ever in charge of this shameless promotion must be retarded to hope that I would authorize the cancelation. First of all, it's free not an order. Would I be compensated with case value refund if i cancel? Good luck with that. Secondly, Why would I cancel since I been waiting this long. I understand the long process of rebate, but for them to try every way to get-rid of you is pathetic and wrong.

For HD-DVD offer, you can check you status via 800-405-7520

For Blu-Ray offer, you can check online