Range Rover Sentinel is a luxurious armored car for the rich and paranoid

In some parts of the world, there is a very real chance of the wealthy/famous and their families being the target of nefarious types who want to kill or kidnap them. Range Rover has a new vehicle that is aimed directly at the security conscious people out there who want a vehicle that can withstand just about any sort of attack while providing good looks and luxury that the wealthy expect. That vehicle is the Range Rover Sentinel.

This is the first armored Land Rover to be fully engineered by Range Rover Special Vehicle Operations. The Sentinel is based on the Range Rover Autobiography version and while fully armored and protected, the car has the capability and luxury of any Range Rover model.

The Sentinel is VR8 level certified for ballistic and blast resistance. That rating doesn't mean much to normal folks. The vehicle is capable of withstanding attacks by assailants wielding weapons using 7.62mm high velocity armor piercing incendiary bullets. It can also withstand lateral blasts by up to 15kg of TNT.

The Sentinel can even withstand attacks from hand grenades exploding underneath or on top of the vehicle. The bulk of the protection offered by the vehicle is courtesy of a special six-piece armored passenger cell made from high-strength steel. The glass is multi-laminated armor privacy glass. The suspension is upgraded and the load space has anti-smash glass. Tires are heavy-duty run flat that allows the vehicle to be driven even when the tires are flat. Pricing is €400,000 and the Sentinel is made to order.