Range Rover adds more off-road capability to high-end SUVs

Range Rover has announced that it has added more off-road capability to two of its higher-end SUVs and improved the efficiency of the vehicles. The two models that get the improvements are the Range Rover and the Range Rover Sport. Both of these vehicles get the Land Rover All-Terrain Progress Control system. Both of these vehicles also gain improved six-cylinder gas and diesel engines.

The All-Terrain Progress Control allows the driver to put in a desired speed from rest or an existing speed without pedal inputs once the brake is released. The vehicle will then continuously monitor and adjust vehicle settings to optimize traction and maintain progress in all conditions. It sounds a lot like a cruise control for off-roading.

Range Rover says that the system is particularly beneficial in challenging off-road environments where constant low speeds are desirable. The system will work in forward and reverse gears from 1mph to 19 mph. The new system is available on TDV6, SCV6, and V8 supercharged versions of the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport.

The 3.0L 6-cylinder engines have also been enhanced going from twin turbo set ups to using a single ball-bearing turbo. Along with other tweaks, like a two stage oil pump, the new turbo helps boost power output to 285ps and 600Nm torque. The SDV6 engine still use parallel sequential turbochargers, but get power bump to 306ps and 700nm of torque. The supercharged V6 produces 340ps and 450nm torque.

SOURCE: Jaguar