Range Rover 4x4 gets remote steering for off-road and tight parking spaces

The vast majority of people who purchase a Range Rover will never take the capable 4x4 vehicle off-road. Range Rovers are designed to make their way over just about any off-road terrain and on the off chance they do end up off-road, sometimes you need a spotter so you don't end up stuck or damaging the vehicle. Range Rover has unveiled some cool remote control technology that will allow the driver to control the vehicle from their smartphone.

With the new remote tech, the user would get out of the vehicle and pull out their smartphone. With the smartphone in hand and a special app running they can control steering, brakes, throttle and the transmission all from the app. The vehicle is limited to a speed of 4 mph when the remote app is active.

The idea is that the driver can act as his or her own spotter to help navigate difficult off-road terrain. For the city set that never goes off-road in the Range Rover, the remote control feature could allow them to get in and out of tight parking spaces without risking door dings or having to bend like a gymnast trying to get into the car.

On the screen of the smartphone with the app running, you get a steering wheel, gear indicator, connect/disconnect indicator and a throttle. The app rather looks like the controls for a driving game. This is currently prototype technology that was shown off as the Range Rover test track in Gaydon in Warwickshire. The car is fitted with radar, cameras, ultrasonic sound, and light sensors to make remote driving possible and safe. It can also complete three point turns autonomously. There is no word on when the tech might make it into production vehicles.

SOURCE: Dailymail