RAGE reviews call game both "perfect" and "lacking"

The reviews of one of the most highly-anticipated first-person shooters of the year are starting to fall into our collective laps, and they're looking good. Real good, when it comes down to it. There've been a slew of gameplay trailers, cinematics, screenshots, interviews, and of course advertisements crushing the gaming-aimed news web over the past few weeks, months and YEARS, now we're learning the truth: believe the hype. id's newest thriller is here! But not everyone agrees on that, let me tell ya.

There's this post-apocalyptic world out there, or should I say in here, with a wasteland full of mutated zombie warriors on the opposite side of you, the single hero of the game – unless you count your Mad Max-esque counterparts, that is. Its not a brand new storyline, by any measure, but with gameplay like what we're seeing here, and by the reviews spewing guts across the internet that we're baring witness to now, it looks like it's the best version of said zombie-killing party yet.

Ryan Fleming of DTrends noted RAGE as being "Simply put, it's one of the best games of the year."

Arthur Gies of Joystiq has little patience for smallness: "The town that initially holds the promise of a big, wide, asteroid-murdered world is a facade for a few fetch quests down some of the most guided, narrow shooter levels this side of a Call of Duty title."

CBS News Staff (with no single author, strangely enough) had a good time, all the time: "While combat dominantly takes place in close quarters, the game world is larger than your typical FPS. It isn't exactly a Fallout-style open-world, but you'll need a vehicle to get around. ... For all that it accomplishes so well, Rage is an absolute must-play game."

And Charles Onyett of IGN ties it all together in a sentence: "Rage is not revolutionary shooter, but it's extremely well made."

This game is available NOW on Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 in North America, on the 6th of October in Australasia and the 7th for Europe. Grab it right the heck now! ALSO note that this game – a slightly less intense version of this game, that is, is available for iOS in regular and "HD" versions for less than $1. Win!