RadioShack Offloading T-Mobile Phones With "Back-To-School" Sale

RadioShack has just begun clearing out T-Mobile Android phones under the guise of a "Back-to-School" sale. But we all know that it's really needing to clear out all T-Mobile inventory by September 15, when the floundering carrier will get kicked out to usher in Verizon in its place. So, if you've been wanting to pick up a T-Mobile Sidekick 4G or a G2X, now's the time.

The deal offers all T-Mobile handsets for free with a qualifying 2-year contract. This includes the Samsung Galaxy S 4G, Samsung Gravity Smart, T-Mobile Sidekick 4G, and T-Mobile G2X. RadioShack is aiming to clear out all these handsets by September 14, so that its new partnership with Verizon would kick off the very next day.

The RadioShack and T-Mobile exclusive partnership went south after the carrier's smartphones didn't perform competitively, causing RadioShack a major slump in sales. Getting dropped by RadioShack, which has over 4,300 store nationwide, could hurt T-Mobile enough to make a stronger case for the merger with AT&T.

AT&T announced its plans to acquire T-Mobile for $39 billion back in March and has since been in the process of getting FCC approval. It faced a major road block yesterday with an antitrust filing by the US DOJ seeking to block the merger.

[via AndroidGuys]