Radionomy buys Winamp and Shoutcast

Shane McGlaun - Jan 2, 2014
Radionomy buys Winamp and Shoutcast

Fans of music services Winamp and Shoutcast received some bad news in late November when it was announced that AOL would shut down both the services. The original announcement said that Winamp would be shuttered by December 20, giving fans of the service only a month to say their goodbyes. The next day, word surfaced that Microsoft was in contention to purchase Winamp and Shoutcast.

We even heard that the negotiations were in their final stages about a month after the announcement that Winamp and Shoutcast were being closed. The announcement that Microsoft had completed the deal never came. Reports are now coming in that both Winamp and Shoutcast have been sold to Radionomy.

Radionomy is an international aggregator of online radio stations that has a headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. The purchase hasn’t been announced officially just yet. The tip that the purchase was happening came when the name servers for Winamp were changed to Radionomy.

Sources who claim to be familiar with the deal say that it could be finalized as early as Friday. Radionomy currently has 6000 stations in its catalog. Shoutcast on the other hand has 50,000 channels in its catalog. Winamp is expected to be used to help the company deliver new services to listeners.

SOURCE: TechCrunch

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