Radian Watch asks you: are wrist watches still considered technologically newsworthy?

This week the folks at Cadence watch company have enlisted the help of Chris Thompson, a fellow known for his creation of the "Math Clock," to create a new timepiece by the name of Radian Watch — my question for you, readers, is how relevant you find wristwatches in general? What we've got here is the assignment of Thompson as a new Creative Director for the Cadence watch company as well as his showing of the Radian Watch which uses equations around the face to show the time. Of course aside from this watch being made with high quality materials, would you consider this relevant to your interests as a gadget and technology reader?

This watch is one that's meant to speak to mathematic geeks and will be produced by the Philadelphia-based Cadence watch company soon. This watch combines the unit circle with the 12 hour dial like you'd normally see, but wait – right there at the 3 position is a 0, and pi sits where you'd normally see a 9. The angle measurements at each of the hours are called out by Thompson, and the eighths are in there as well. All this make sense to you?

Behind the numbers that's no ordinary twirl, that's the Archimedean spiral, one that graphs the equation r = a + bθ, and is described as looking "cool" by Thompson, who placed it there for that reason, of course. You can win one of these watches by simply placing your email in the slot on a Radian watch giveaway page at Cadence, or just wait a brief period before the watch is release formally. Look like something you'd wear to your local math convention? How about a present for your favorite math professor?

And for the inevitable commenters screwing up their fingernails typing furiously on what the definition of the word "technology" is, the real question is this: are you, the SlashGear reader, interested in seeing non-digital watches daily?