Rabbids Kinect interactive TV show summoned by Ubisoft

Chris Burns - Jun 5, 2014, 11:48 am CDT
Rabbids Kinect interactive TV show summoned by Ubisoft

Rabbids Invasion is the name of the game, and the name of the genre is Interactive TV Show. What you’ll be doing in Rabbids Invasion is taking part in 20 episodes of a TV show, becoming “both an actor and a spectator.” This will be the first in a series of interactive TV show releases from Ubisoft should the first prove to be a success.

NOTE: while both Xbox One Kinect and PlayStation 4 camera are supported, it’s not yet clear whether the full experience will be available to the latter. Just one mention – of “selfies with Rabbids” – is made of the PlayStation 4 camera in the press release.


Like a TV show, you’ll be watching episodes. Unlike a TV show, you’ll have to accumulate points in the game/show to move on to and unlock episodes to complete your journey.

Above you’ll see a trailer for Rabbids Invasion. Here you’ll see all the Augmented Reality oddity you can handle. This game will be released in November of 2014 to the whole world on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Xbox 360.


At this time it would appear that the only difference between the Xbox One and the Xbox 360 versions of the game is the number of players who can participate. The Xbox One (and PS4) get 4 players, while the Xbox 360 gets 2.

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