R3 Media launches eGether: our collaborative media network

A lot of the people reading SlashGear – whether you're a consumer, a member of the press, an analyst or a PR pro – will have various social network accounts that they use to keep updated with the latest and greatest in the tech world.  You may also have realised, like the team behind SlashGear did, that none of the off-the-shelf tools such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn offer the perfect fit for sharing that sort of information, promoting projects or collaborating on new work.  Today, we're excited to announce the public beta of eGether, our new collaborative portal that mixes the best of the current social networks.Video overview after the cut

eGether is centered around the concept of status updates and pitches.  Statuses are intended as short updates under 255 characters, and they can include a photo; we've been using them as ways to share with the team what review we're currently working on, or to show off our latest gadget.  Meanwhile pitches can be longer – up to 999 characters, so roughly the same sort of length as an elevator pitch might be – and can combinations of photo, video (either hosted on eGether or embedded from YouTube), documents and links.

Signing up is free and straightforward, and eGether is open to anyone whether you're a consumer, work in PR or represent a company, are a member of the press or an analyst.  We've got big plans here at R3 Media (the company behind SlashGear) for the future of eGether, and we'd love to hear your feedback.