Quizlet alternative app Studier makes Dark Mode free

A new app was made by a high school student disenchanted by the methods for success used by the folks at Quizlet. They didn't think that a "dark mode" should be hidden behind a paywall, so they decided to take action. The result is an app that, as one Reddit user said, is "lightweight, looks aesthetically pleasing, has fluid animations, has a dark mode, and just plain works with no fuss? And you released it for free?" It's like a rare unicorn, really.

According to the creator of this app, they'd been using the app Quizlet for a while. They'd found the app to be great in every way – save one. Once the company put their Dark Mode under a $5 in-app payment paywall, the creator of Studier decided to take action. Not with their wallet, mind you, but with their time.

Instead of dishing out a simple five dollar bill, the creator of Studier spent hundreds of hours creating a rival app. This app is thus far free, smooth, and works on one massive number of devices. In fact when I check which devices are able to work with the app, I find only a couple exceptions in my half-decade-long list of devices – both of which are Android TV devices.

This is a study app. If you're a student in need of some studying assistant and simply do not have the time to... you know... buy paper and pencils... then that's the pitch! The creator suggested in an early comment about the app that they may consider monetization in the future, but will not likely change the cost of what's available thus far. "Run by a high school student, hoping to transform this into something bigger if the Android app takes off."

UPDATE: This app is not available for iOS. Because of the way it was developed, intended for Android as a learning project and/or quick fix, it didn't end up being feasible to go back and push for iOS cross-compatibility. Not yet, anyway. You can ask the creator of the app more in a Reddit post posted earlier this week.