Quirky Fit Kit is perfect for geeks who frequent the gym

Quirky produces all manner of cool and interesting gadgets that are designed with the help of the Quirky Community. The coolest gadget that Quirky has designed in a long time was the slick Switch modular Swiss army knife. Quirky is back with a new accessory for the iPhone and iPod touch called the Fit Kit.

The Fit Kit is designed to do more than keep your iPhone or iPad at hand while you exercise so you can listen to music. The Fit Kit is a case that fits around the arm with an adjustable Velcro closure strap. The device can hold most phones like the iPhone and has a number of other pockets and slots.

The device is designed to hold cash, credit cards, keys, and your ear buds in the one small device. The detailing on the zipper flaps is reflective for running at night. Pre-orders are being taken now on the device for $25. 875 of the Fit kits will be made and 39 of them are already sold.