Quirky Switch modular Swiss Army knife debuts

Things were very different when I was a kid compared to today. If I left my 5-year-old home all day while I went to work, I would go to jail. That was common when I was a kid. Schools were also more relaxed back then. I once took my Swiss Army knife to school for show and tell in first grade. The teacher made me leave it in her desk during recess, but no one called the cops.

Today if you took a knife to school, you would end up in handcuffs. Quirky has a new and updated version of that cool Swiss Army knife I had as a kid called the Switch. The cool thing about the Switch is that you can vary the thickness of the knife and what tools it has.

The kit ships with a pair of exterior body covers, slotted caps to hold it together, three axel assemblies, and 18 tools. The tools include a standard knife, pliers, scissors, nail file, tweezers, thin flathead screwdriver, phillips-head screwdriver, eyeglass phillips-head screwdriver, eyeglass flathead screwdriver, wood saw, serrated blade, corkscrew, combination bottle opener/flathead screwdriver, combination can opener/wire stripper, pen, magnifying glass, led flashlight, and a 1GB USB memory stick. Quirky will make 1250 of the things and sell them at $68. 126 of the limited run are already pre-ordered.