QuickContact tempts you from touchscreen to joystick

Chris Davies - Jan 19, 2007

When I think about potential software for my cellphone, for some reason the last thing that comes to mind is an alternative way to dial. I mean, buttons are buttons, aren’t they? How many different ways can there be to thumb out a call? But users of Windows Mobile handsets can now have that level of choice that I didn’t realise I even needed, thanks to VITO Technology’s QuickContact.

Intended to make single-handed use as easy as possible, as well as making the most of predictive dialling and contact selection, it relies on the joystick rather than pecking at the screen. The delectable Judie over at Gear Diary has given QuickContact space on her HTC Universal and found it to be an improvement over the normal method and – while it doesn’t make it as simple as, say, a hard-buttoned Smartphone – greatly aided navigation.

VITO Technology QuickContact

VITO Technology QuickContact

The VITO Technology QuickContact for Pocket PC Phone Edition Review [Gear Diary]

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