Question Mark Motion-Sensing Speakers

We will soon be freed from the daily torture of pressing buttons to surf TV channels and turning knobs to change volume. Why press buttons or turn knobs when with a majestic wave of your hand your electronics will obediently follow your every command. The traditional remote control has not made us lazy enough, since we still had to rumage through our couch everytime we misplaced it. So, recently we've seen the advent of the Hillcrest motion-sensing TV remote, and now there's the Question Mark motion-sensing speakers with FM receiver and ambient lighting. These speakers can translate your movements into commands for turning up or down the volume and for changing radio stations. Additionally, it can be powered by tradional AC power, four AA batteries, or a computer USB. Works with Mac, Windows PC, or any portable audio device with a minijack connection. Ships next week to Europe for around $103.

Question Mark ships motion-sensitive speaker [Via: Electronista]