Hillcrest’s Loop, A Motion-Sensing TV Remote

Rue Liu - Nov 9, 2006

Remote controls are becoming difficult to use or we’re becoming too lazy to punch in the channel numbers? I’m thinking the latter, but apparently it has been problematic enough that new motion-sensing controllers with minimal buttons have been developed. Is the new design really to reduce channel surfing complexity or to simply look really cool? Both. The motion-sensing TV remote called the Loop, produced by Hillcrest, is said to be the first Freespace-enabled product. (Freespace, by the way, is some motion control technology patented by Hillcrest.) The Loop is shaped like a bracelet and has only two buttons and one scroll wheel. The user holds it in one hand and moves it about, while the motion is translated to onscreen cursor movements. So, imagine a mouse that you could operate without a solid surface and use simply by waving it around in the air. Will be interesting to see this technology used in more and more consumer electronic devices.

Motion-Sensing capbilities moving to Consumer Electronics [Via: Gizmag]

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