Qualcomm financial Q3 brings encouraging y-o-y boost

This quarter for Qualcomm has been a great one and a slightly less than excellent one depending on how you look at it, with year-over-year profits and revenues jumping while they've fallen slightly sequentially. They've fallen compared to the second quarter of this year, that is to say, while the third quarter of 2011 compared to this one is making Qualcomm look pretty darn good here in the summer of 2012. This report began with a -6 percent change sequentially in revenues, this also a +28 percent change compared to last year with $4.63 billion in revenues overall.

This third quarter for Qualcomm also brought on operating income of $1.38 billion USD, that being a similar -9 sequentially and 24 y-o-y like the revenue in this report. Net Income was $1.21 billion, this being down 46 percent sequentially and up 17 percent year over year, while operating cash flow is currently at $922 million for the company. Operating cash flow for Qualcomm is down 27 percent year over year; 20 percent of revenues.

Qualcomm is also reporting return of capital to stockholders to be an encouraging $802 million, including $429 million, or $0.25 per share, of cash dividends paid. The company is also moving forward with $373 million of that cash set to repurchase 6.6 million shares of their common stock.

The company has expressed a positive outlook for their 28 nanometer chipsets, ramping up production of that architecture while they expect a similarly strong December for their semiconductor business. Stay tuned for more as the earnings call unfolds soon!