Qualcomm demonstrates Snapdragon S4 3D abilities with MasterImage

Mobile glasses-free display technology is about to get a whole lot better very soon, so says Qualcomm with their new quad-core S4 processor and Mobile Development Platform 3D Edition this week at Mobile World Congress 2012. It's a group by the name of MasterImage that's working with them to make a new coming up in the world of 3D technology a reality. Qualcomm has this week presented a video that shows off this Full High-Definition glasses-free 3D display in WUXGA (1920x1200) in action.

We've also got word that MasterImage is here at the conference with their technology on display as well, so you can fully expect we'll be jumping in on that action soon as well. For now though, you've got this fabulous video from Qualcomm. Watch as the MSM8960 is shown off with full 3D action, both capturing and displaying, in what Qualcomm is calling the next generation of said technology. Can the chipmaking group convince us that glasses-free 3D is a viable technology for future generations?

We'll be continuing to knock out information on Qualcomm with their upcoming S4 quad-core processor all this week and beyond, this week of course being Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona. Have a peek at our [MWC 2012 portal] for all the MWC action as we capture it, and see our [Snapdragon portal] for information on that processor line specifically. Of course also have a peek at the [Qualcomm portal] for the full Qualcomm line of hardware and software-related solutions. Stay tuned!