Qualcomm Demo Zero Shutter Lag Multi-Burst Photo Capture at Uplinq [Video]

The folks at Qualcomm continue to impress with their newest demo which displays some zero shutter lag multi-burst photo capture. Sounds like they're ramping up for quite the processor war, and they're leaving no stone unturned. In this case, they've invited three warrior women to the stage during the Snapdragon Super Session on June the 2nd 2011. What they then do is use the Qualcomm MDP to capture a series of photos of these women fighting, a series of photos taken one after another in such quick succession that they're able to use the best face and features of the women and use which pieces they like.

In this case they're using a series of five photos taken in an instant, then moving to a function called "Rewind" as created in collaboration with their media partners here by the name of Scalado.


What you'll be able to do in the future on devices powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon processors with Rewind is click your camera button, collect a series of photos, and select the best one based on whatever criteria you like. Not only that, you'll be able to center in on the faces of each of the humans in the photo and, using a ring that allows you to see each of the different iterations of that face, select which one you like the best. How this will all play out in the final photo in order for you to be seeing a completely non-wild photo in the end we cannot be too sure, but for now, it looks like quite the awesome feature.

[vms 6bb580df6e80b0dc05c4]

This full session's title is this: "Technical Super Session: What Your Apps Can Do When You Target Snapdragon" and it expands beyond this Rewind function to further functions of the future Qualcomm device in the camera and much, much more. Stay tuned with SlashGear for more updates as well fix them up throughout the day! Uplinq 2011 is really ramping up!