Qualcomm acquires Pixtronix for future Mirasol display tech

There's been a purchase, according to reports, by Qualcomm of a group by the name of Pixtronix, known for their PerfectLight displays using MEMS-based digital micro shutters for modulation of RGB LED backlight. What that means in slightly less wordy terms is that the displays we saw at CES with the name Mirasol attached to them will be markedly improved in the near future. If all goes well, this improved technology should be hitting the market inside 2012 or at the start of 2013 at the latest.

We got our very own hands-on look at the current (second-generation) Qualcomm Mirasol display a few weeks ago at CES 2012. What we saw was a fabulous bit of hope for the future but, for a production model, not quite ready for the mass market. That said, the brightness and the butterfly effect (in more ways than one) will have a massive impact on the market in the near future:

What you're seeing is the Kyobo Mirasol eReader in its current lovely form. Note that Qualcomm's purchase of Pixtronix is sure to take effect on future products rather than this current model e-reader. Pixtronix is a business established in 2005 by a fellow named Nesbitt Hagood with one 5-inch prototype display currently associated with Chimei Innolux. What this and future Pixtronix displays are set to do is correct color accuracy in Mirasol-based displays for the Qualcomm group – perfection coming up!

[via Electronista]