Qualcomm acquires 1,400 Palm, iPAQ, Bitphone patents from HP

This afternoon Qualcomm has announced that they will acquire all of HP's remaining Palm-related patents. They will also be acquiring from Hewlett-Packard a number of other patents in the mobile sector, including those under the titles' iPAQ and Bitphone. This purchase will apparently also include both patents and patent applications.

Qualcomm Incorporated and HP announced this afternoon that they'll be working to transfer a portfolio of approximately 1,400 patens from the latter company to the former. This includes approximately 1,000 granted patents and pending patent applications from other countries, and "covers technologies that include fundamental mobile operating system techniques."

This deal has been announced to be between Qualcomm Incorporated and the likes of Hewlett-Packard Company, Palm Inc., and Hewlett-Packard Development Co LP.

"The acquisition further enhances the strength and diversity of Qualcomm Incorporated's industry-leading mobile patent portfolio and will enable the company to offer even more value to current and future licensees. The purchase price was not publicly disclosed." – HP and Qualcomm

This is the first in a number of announcements we'll likely hear from the groups in the immediate future surrounding these purchases. At the moment it is not entirely clear what Qualcomm will be doing with the patents at hand, but we'll certainly see the results before this year is over – stay tuned!

VIA: Market Watch