Pure Sun Uses Sun's Rays to Provide Green Light

The light itself isn't the color green, but it's certainly less likely to put you in the poorhouse via electricity bills. This is the Pure Sun lamp designed by Denmark-based Igland Design who've billed this object as "a table that doubles as a light source, using only the sun. Well wait a second, couldn't I just open a window? Yes you do have to open a window. Isn't the room then already light? Not if you've got a small window. This seems difficult. It is!

What this table effectively consists of is a wood base, a plastic or glass cover top, a mirror inside, and two knobs that control the mirror from within. Once you've got it sitting by your window, you adjust it according to where you'd like rays of light to bounce, and poof! You've got a bit more light in y0ur room.

Shouldn't it be automatically adjusted though? One of the designers by the name of Dag Igland writes of this bit of furniture: "If the Pure Sun table had a sun-tracking system, it would miss the point. [A]n important part of the idea is that you have to actively dial in the right angles to capture light ... and that by doing that, one (hopefully) gains awareness on saving energy."

[Via FastCoDesign]