PUNCH camera concept creates rasterized perforated prints

Despite the clamoring for higher and higher resolution digital cameras, all it takes is one good idea and we're willing to make do with far fewer pixels.  Matty Martin's PUNCH camera concept packs both a regular CMOS sensor and preview screen with an automatic hole-punch system: once you've snapped a shot, the camera rasterizes the image, scurries an array of different-sized pins into place, and – by "punching" it onto a piece of paper – makes a physical copy of the image.

Since the resolution is limited by both the number of pins squeezed into the camera bodyand the four different sizes of pin PUNCH has to choose from, the end product is instantly distinctive.  It's also endlessly repeatable, since you can re-PUNCH as much paper as you like from the same rasterized image.

Meanwhile PUNCH also prints a code along the bottom of the image, which matches up to an online gallery where the digital files are uploaded; that way you can find the full-resolution photo from the rasterized, physical one.  Sadly this is all a concept and unlikely to be commercially released, but if you fancy rasterizing some images of your own you can always try the free, online Rasterbator.

[via CrunchGear]