Pumpkin Carving with a 70 LED Matrix

Chris Burns - Oct 29, 2010
Pumpkin Carving with a 70 LED Matrix

Installed in this particular jack-o-lantern is a 5×14 matrix of light-emitting diodes, spaced apart by printing out a grid on paper, taping it to the pumpkin, and drilling 70 holes into its face. The creator of this magical mystery machine says the hardest part of the whole process was inserting all the lights into the pumpkin through the back — imagine having to line up 70 points when they’re not all held tight to the board. Hardness. At the moment, the pumpkin scrolls the message HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

One whole heck of a lot of wires and one whole heck of a lot of soldering involved in this baby child, plus some drilling with the same drill I own myself! Good choice, man! One of the tricks in this is that the back of the pumpkin is carved out for access rather than the top. I never thought about this before, and will have to remember it the next time I’m carving for the holiday. If you’d like to be as cool ad the people who are responsible for this LED pumpkin, take a run over to Hack A Day and learn how to do it yourself. It’s fun!

[Via Hack A Day ]

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