Pump Action Slingshot Revealed By Slingshot Aficionado Joerg Sprave

I know the hazards of melee combat with a hoard of ravenous zombies is significant so when the invasion comes, you want a ranged weapon. You also want a weapon that is quiet so all the other zombies don't come running. That weapon needs to be fast loading too so you can take out multiple enemies before they eat your eyeballs like marshmallows.

Our pal Joerg Sprave has a new slingshot that will do the deed called the pump action slingshot. The last time he offered a new slingshot to check out was when he invented the crossbow slingshot. The title says that is special about this unit, it has a pump cocking and loading mechanism. The pump action slingshot is designed to hold 20 big metal ball bearings. It will cock the flinging mechanism and load the weapon each time you pump the handle.

The pump locks the rubber bands in place and when the trigger is pulled, it flings the metal balls out quickly. It also reloads fast when you run out of the 20 shots the thing holds. Joerg says it's reasonably powerful and one of the fastest loading slingshots he has ever created. Check out the video to see the thing in action.