Joerg Sprave shows off new slingshot and blows up tiny beer keg

Shane McGlaun - Sep 26, 2011, 4:22am CDT
Joerg Sprave shows off new slingshot and blows up tiny beer keg

Geeks are always out to ply their geek trade no matter if that is waxing up their car, playing video games, or showing of their latest sling shot inventions like our slingshot madman Joerg Sprave. Not too long ago Joerg was showing us a new slingshot that was a crossbow bullpup design. That slingshot worked pretty well and had some impressive power behind it.

Joerg is back now and is showing off the crossbow design again alongside another little slingshot that he made that looks like a traditional handheld design. The design of the handheld slingshot is tweaked though to use the roller system that is on the crossbow slingshot to give the thing more power. Joerg picked up a little beer keg that was left behind and uses it for slingshot fodder.

Surprisingly despite the fact that the crossbow is able to fire the ball bearing faster than the handheld design, the crossbow is unable to go through the little keg. The handheld design on the other hand shoots right through the can sending beer gushing everywhere. Being a true German, Joerg points out up front that the beer is no longer good.

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