Joerg Sprave unveils compact bullpup crossbow slingshot

Shane McGlaun - Sep 13, 2011, 11:14am CDT
Joerg Sprave unveils compact bullpup crossbow slingshot

That master of slingshot disaster Joerg Sprave has posted a new video to his YouTube account showing off his latest creation. This time around, he is shooting normal ball bearings out of what he calls the compact bullpup crossbow slingshot rather than exotic ammo like saw blades or iPhones. I will admit up front I had to watch the video twice because the cute ninja zombie killing cats in the background distracting me. That one cat was all “what was that!” when Sprave finally fired the slingshot.

Sprave points out that the slingshot he is firing in the video isn’t finished. It needs some paint, sanding, and stronger bands. This is the first slingshot in a while I have seen from Sprave that didn’t make me fear for his life. I did fear for a cats life because cats are crazy and will go running exactly where you don’t want them when you least expect it.

The design uses rollers to make stretching the thick rubber bands back to the trigger mechanism easier. I would be all twisted up login that each time since Murphy would show up and snap that rubber band leaving me with a not so cool rubber band scar between the eyes. I wonder if Joerg has ever looked at one of those kitties and thought, “What would it take to make a real cat-a-pult?”

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