PUBG War mode returns this weekend with some big changes

With War mode, PUBG Corporation seems to have stumbled onto something that players love, so it's not much of a surprise to see it returning as this weekend's limited-time game mode. If you enjoyed previous iterations of War mode, you'll be able to dive back in this weekend, but there are some big changes to take note of before you do. The first – and potentially biggest change – comes in the form of a change of scenery.

Instead of taking place Erangel, War mode will instead be set on Miramar this weekend. Previously, War mode has centered around a small number of 10-man squads duking it out in a deathmatch-style game. There isn't a whole lot changing in that regard, but this time around, PUBG Corporation has changed the squad size to five and the number of squads in each map to 10. That should definitely make for some hectic matches with much more fighting.

As before, death in War mode is not permanent like it is in Battle Royale. When you die, you'll respawn in a new plane overhead and have the opportunity to drop back into battle. Matches will end when one team reaches 200 points, with three points being awarded for each kill, one point awarded for each knockout, and five points subtracted for each team kill or knockout.

In previous versions of War mode, players started with low-level armor and random weapons. This time around, however, each player will spawn with a level three vest, a level three helmet, two grenades, and a random weapon that's only found in care packages. That lineup of weapons includes the AWM, M24, Mk14, M249, Groza, and AUG, so each player will definitely be starting with some firepower at their disposal.

You'll be able to queue into War mode with up to four people from your friends list, with random players automatically filling any empty spots. War mode launched in PUBG late last night and will be available until Sunday, May 6 at 7 PM PST, giving you the entire weekend to play some matches. Head down to the comments section to tell us about what you think of these changes – do you think they'll make War mode more exciting, or do you prefer the larger teams of previous versions?