PUBG War mode now open to all: Here are the details

Last week, we told you about a rather interesting game mode that appeared in PUBG's custom games menu. Dubbed War, this mode is a lot closer to a traditional multiplayer deathmatch than it is to battle royale, tasking teams with racking up points by killing opponents. Unfortunately, since this mode was rolled out in PUBG's custom games menu, it meant that most people weren't going to get a chance to play it.

That all changes this weekend, as War has become PUBG's latest limited-time game mode. As explained over on Steam, War mode will be available for everyone to play until Sunday, April 15 at 7 PM Pacific, so you've got a couple more days to dive in and check it out. Just don't expect an experience that even somewhat resembles traditional PUBG.

Instead of dropping players into a 100 man free-for-all, War will instead split players into three teams of 10. Those teams will then be dropped into an "extremely small" safe zone on the Erangel map, which is visible from the moment the plane launches and never changes over the course of the match. To ensure that things get moving quickly, each player will be outfitted with one random AR or DMR, one random pistol, a level one helmet, level one vest, and a single grenade, though you can also loot better stuff from the surrounding buildings.

Your team will earn three points for each kill, one point for each down-but-not-out, and one point for each revive, with the first team to 200 points claiming victory. War matches have a 15-minute time limit, and those who die during the match will automatically respawn in a new plane, allowing them to drop into the battle once more. Care packages will drop every 90 seconds, leading to frequent power spikes and clashes over the course of a match.

All in all, it sounds like an interesting game mode. War mode is live now in PUBG, giving you a little under three days to play your fill before it disappears on Sunday night. Are you planning on checking it out? Head down to the comments sections and let us know!