PUBG update 9.2 released with Battle Bride Pass and weapon balances

This week the latest update to PUBG releases a pair of game-shocking elements: Battle Bride Pass and Dirt Bike. A variety of weapon balances were also introduced into the game for PC players. Balances mostly focus on sidearms, all of which have received improvements to damage multipliers, ADS movement speed, and aiming.

The Battle Bride Pass focuses on Karakin's lore's own Sadiya. This is a character from PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds motion comics, and the pass will include unlocks of "some of her iconic skins." The Battle Bride Pass will be available from November 18th to December 16th, and the period of the pass will run for 28 days from your date of purchase.

This update adds driver shooting to some vehicles and some sidearms. The list below shows all the sidearms that'll work with driver shooting. NOTE: Sawed-off can only be equipped by drivers on Bike-type vehicles.

• Deagle

• P18C

• P1911

• P92

• R1895

• R45

• Skorpion

• Flare gun

• Sawed-off

Below you'll see the PUBG Patch Report 9.2. This video was released on November 11, but the changes just started to go live (beyond the test server) today.

In short: The Battle Bride Pass focuses on Sadiya Qureshi (from PUBG motion comics), and has 15 levels for players to complete with XP from matches. This pass progresses independent of progress made with Survivor Pass: Highlands. Dirt Bikes appear in the game now and move up to 130km/h – but they won't do well re: Karakin. Driver shooting and balances to weapons throughout the game are live.