PUBG teases new desert map with screenshots

The hit PC game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is due to finally leave early access before the year ends, and although we're still waiting on a solid date, Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene himself has shared a handful of new images of the shooter's upcoming map set in the desert. While the map was originally revealed back in July, the new screenshots give a much better impression of what players can expect from the environment.

The yet-unnamed desert map is the first of two that are still in development, and will also be the first addition to PUBG's single existing map. There still aren't many solid details, however, beyond the fact that it will be 8x8 km in size, but the new screenshots do reveal a decent number of aspects.

First off, the new map will much more than just a sandy wasteland. It actually seems to offer a wide variety of environments to play in, including dense urban areas with multi-story buildings, a main street, and even a prison. In addition, there are several typical desert-like areas, such as wide-open hills and rock structures, spotted with run-down houses and shacks.

The map was supposed to be included in an update to PUBG last month, but was unfortunately delayed. It would be great if this environment was added to the game as part of its release from early access, but that's merely wishful thinking at this point. In the meantime, PUBG will be making its console debut on the Xbox One on December 12th, as part of the Xbox Game Preview program.

SOURCE Brendan Greene