PUBG on Xbox One hit a huge milestone of its own

Eric Abent - Jan 12, 2018, 2:23 pm CST
PUBG on Xbox One hit a huge milestone of its own

As of today, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been available on Xbox One for a month. On December 12, PUBG entered Xbox Preview, which is Microsoft’s program for unfinished games that want to give players access before launch. Today, Microsoft announced that in the time since it launched, PUBG has become quite the sensation on Xbox One.

Microsoft says that PUBG has managed to attract 3 million players in a month’s time, which is an impressive metric regardless of platform. We should pay attention to the language here, though, as the use of the word “players” suggests that the game hasn’t necessarily achieved 3 million sales. Still, it seems safe to assume that sales on Xbox One are healthy, even if they haven’t hit the 3 million mark just yet.

That PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is doing well on Xbox One isn’t surprising in the least. Throughout 2017, PUBG climbed to the top of various Steam charts, eventually setting a record for concurrent players that probably won’t be beat for quite some time. It’s little wonder that it’s found such success on Xbox One, and it gives Microsoft an important edge at a time when its in second place to Sony’s PlayStation 4.

While PUBG Group eventually wants to put PUBG on the PlayStation 4, it recently said that we aren’t likely to see such a version launch anytime soon. Part of the reason for this lies with the fact that PUBG Group wants to focus on finishing the Xbox One port before moving onto other platforms, but the fact that Sony doesn’t offer an early access program like Xbox Preview also plays into that decision.

What’s particularly impressive about the PUBG‘s Xbox One success is that it has struggled with performance issues since launch. Microsoft said today that PUBG Group is committed to improving the port, noting that it has delivered four separate updates in the time since the game launched. Are you one of the 3 million people who has tried PUBG on Xbox One? Head down to the comments section and let us know!

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