PUBG on PS4 is coming, but it isn’t good enough for Sony yet

Eric Abent - Jan 3, 2018, 10:20 am CST
PUBG on PS4 is coming, but it isn’t good enough for Sony yet

Though PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds launched on Xbox One in something of a rough state, it’s been enjoying a lot of success thus far. Shortly after it released last month, Microsoft and the PUBG Group revealed that it had sold 1 million copies in a mere 48 hours. With that kind of success on just one platform – not to mention its excellent performance with the PC segment – the PUBG Group has to be looking at other platforms, right?

The short answer to that question is yes. It seems that we’ll one day see PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds make its way to PlayStation 4, but at the moment, such a release is probably still a long way off. In a new interview InvenGlobal, PUBG Group CEO Chang Han Kim spends some time talking about the future of PUBG.

Though a fair portion of the InvenGlobal interview centers on the corporate environment at PUBG Group, there’s still plenty of talk about the game itself. Kim says that “the final goal would be to launch the title on every platform,” assuming PUBG Group has the opportunity to do so. We already know of an official mobile prot crafted by Tencent and destined for China, and with the assumption that PUBG probably won’t run very well on the Switch, that leaves us with the PlayStation 4.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, of course, is part of an exclusivity deal with Microsoft, but once that’s over PUBG Group will be free to bring it to PS4. Kim doesn’t say when that exclusivity period ends, but even when its over, Sony may not allow a PUBG launch on PS4 right away. Unlike Xbox One and Steam, the PlayStation 4 doesn’t have any kind of early access program, meaning games face stricter quality guidelines from Sony.

Beyond that, Kim says that PUBG Group is focused on finishing the Xbox One version before it considers other platforms, so without a solid Xbox release date in sight, it could be a while. Still, if PS4 is your platform of choice and you’ve been hankering for some PUBG, it sounds like you’ll be able to get your fix eventually. Be sure to head over to InvenGlobal to read the full interview with Kim, which offers plenty of insight into the development of PUBG – arguably the biggest game of 2017.

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