Even with 1.5m cheaters banned, PUBG hits a huge milestone

Though PUBG is a blast to play, it still has its share of problems. While lag and bugs are to be expected from a game like this, cheating is a major problem as well. A game as popular as PUBG is going to attract a large number of cheaters, and today, we're learning just how many the developers have sniffed out.PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds uses a service called BattlEye to detect cheaters and hand down bans. BattlEye is used by a lot of competitive games on Steam, so you've likely encountered it before if you play mutliplayer games regularly. Today, BattlEye revealed via Twitter that it has thus far banned 1.5 million PUBG cheaters, which certainly isn't anything to stick your nose up at.READ MORE: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds ReviewStill, cheating is going to be nearly impossible to snuff out entirely. As BattlEye learns to detect new cheats and exploits, new ones are created and utilized, turning this into a game of cat and mouse that will go on as long as PUBG's servers remain active. Given the game's most recent milestone, we're guessing those servers will be up and running for some time to come.

Over on SteamDB, we see that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds hit 3 million concurrent players earlier today. It was just a few months ago that we were speculating if PUBG would attract enough players to surpass DotA 2's record, which at the time held the first place spot on Steam's concurrent players list by a wide margin. Not only is PUBG sitting on top of that list today, but it's also become the first game in Steam history to hit 3 million concurrent players.

That's a record that isn't likely to be broken anytime soon, and it wouldn't be all that shocking to see PUBG surpass four million concurrent players someday. What's clear is that PUBG is a global phenomenon, and while that's great for players and the developers at Bluehole alike, it's also going to attract an frustrating number of cheaters. Here's hoping BattlEye can keep up.