Psystar plans to license its Mac clone tech to other computer makers

You may recall that somewhat shady company known as Psystar that offered up those Mac clones that led to a lawsuit by Apple. Apple claims that putting the Mac OS X operating system onto computers running hardware it doesn't build is a violation of the license agreement for the software. Psystar may be in bankruptcy but the company has announced that it plans to license its "secret sauce" that allows machines to run Mac OS X.

The latest version of the Psystar software is specifically designed to allow makers of Wintel PCs to run the latest Mac OS offering. Psystar plans to sell its virtualization software along with the Darwin Universal Boot Loader to generic PC builders who will be certified as official partners.

With the legal might of Apple bearing down on Psystar I hardly see computer makers lining up to license the technology. Psystar declined to say if it has partners lined up already for the license agreement. Any reputable company will at least be waiting to hear the outcome of the suit before it signs up.