PSP2 dropping UMD, hardware is ready claims developer

Sony just can't seem to convince people that its gaming hardware developers are sitting around idle; everyone is desperate to believe a replacement to the PSP is in the works.  Latest to stoke the rumorburn is David Perry, former COO of game developer Acclaim, who tweeted "I hear Sony FINALLY has the PSP 2. And thank goodness, they've removed the stupid battery-sucking UMD disc drive. I'm excited" earlier in the week.

Perry later followed up with GameDaily BIZ, who couldn't get him to share his inside-source at Sony but did prise out a longer statement together with his own, personal wish-list of PSP2 features and functionality.  According to Perry, the PSP2 will be a "fully digital online device" with the little-loved UMD finally headed to the bin:

"I've been (for a long time now) calling on Sony to move with the times. I love the PSP, I just wish they'd learn from the mistakes and move forward. I'm really tired of new versions being baby steps, or more color changes. I can't reveal my sources, but you can be certain there's no UMD, which means fully digital online device, and you know I know people" David Perry

It was only last month that Sony smacked down the latest rumors that the PSP2 would have a widescreen multitouch-capable display, among other things.  The idea of Sony's R&D teams sitting idle is, frankly, hilarious though; they're working on something, it's just a case of when they'll let us in on the secret.

[Thanks Connor!]