PSP-3000 interlacing issue explained

We've talked about the PSP-3000 interlacing issue before here on SlashGear, but now it seems some have discovered precisely why the problem popped up in the first place. To be brief, it's all about the color blue.

While Sony hasn't come out and said why weird lines are showing up on the new PSP-3000, a group of French gamers have. It seems this group of gamers took a 40x microscope to the LCD screen. And what it uncovered points to the color blue. To be more clear, the PSP-2000 used vertically-oriented pixels. Plus, the blue pixels were light. But now, on the PSP-3000, the pixels are horizontally-oriented and feature darker blue pixels.

The result is interlacing that stands out like a sore thumb. It's just not pretty. Sony can call it a feature all they want (yeah, right). The fact of the matter is the PSP-3000's screen is a step backwards.