PSP 3000 screen has scanlines, other artifacts

The PSP 3000 is touted to be the next technology by Sony. The screen is updated and supposedly makes for better color, less glare and less "pixel ghosting." But it seems the screens are presenting whole new problems not present on the old models.

In fact, users are complaining of artifacts on the new screens. Things like jagged edges and scanlines are now visible. This is definitely a problem and while it may bug some more than others, it still needs to be pointed out. Especially since Sony is dubbing the PSP 3000 as their best yet. And when you're paying $170-$200, you expect a company to keep their word.

According to Engadget Japan, Sony's Japanese headquarters (SCEI) have the following to say: "Since this phenomenon is caused by hardware characteristics, there is no plan to fix it with a system software update." That is not exactly comforting. We'll have to wait and see what SCEA has to say about it, too.

[via Crave at CNET]