PSA: Facebook Timeline absolutely cannot be undone, don't be fooled

The scammers are coming out on Facebook in force this month, right from the start, to get you Timeline haters in their web and snare not just your Facebook account, but your computer's contents as well. This is a public service announcement for you dreamers hoping to de-authorize Timeline from your Facebook account: you can't, no matter what you see in an offer for a plug-in, a simple "like to fix," or anything of that nature. Do not fall for these scams, ladies and gentlemen, there is no way out.

If you do no like the Timeline feature on Facebook, you can snap out the bits and pieces you do not like by heading to your security features or by deleting everything you're ashamed of in your past piece-by-piece. What you can't do is get rid of Timeline entirely. If you see an offer on Facebook (or outside of Facebook, for that matter) to get rid of Timeline in one way or another, you're being scammed. Please do not fall for these fool's errands by entering your email, downloading software, hitting the Like to activate, and a whole lot more.

For those of you wishing to report sites and Facebook entities that attempt to scam you with such offers, either report them straight from their page in the upper right-hand corner under the gear icon or head here: Facebook Security Page. Facebook does have one whole heck of a lot of security in place, but cannot realistically police the entirety of its own realm. If you can help cut down on scamming across the board, you benefit everyone.