PSA: Anonymous ‘Internet Blackout’ a false lead

Chris Burns - Mar 29, 2012, 3:03pm CDT
PSA: Anonymous ‘Internet Blackout’ a false lead

The hacker group known as Anonymous has been tipped to be initiating a project called “GlobalBlackOut” which would hypothetically knock out the vast majority of the HTTP internet. Though the text posted to PasteBin does appear to be an official Anonymous release, setting in motion wheels which would eventually lead to a March 31st attack on the pillars that hold up the greater web, not all is as it seems. Anonymous’ own @anonops Twitter account dismissed the attack as a falsehood last month.

This attack could very well be happening in one form or another, but the long and short of the situation is that it’s not a true “Anonymous” attack if one of their main hubs – such as Anonops – says it’s a no-go. Instead what we’ve been tipped on is that this is much more likely a sting attack created by forces that wish to take out “newb” hackers attempting to get in on the fun with no knowledge of the inner workings of Anonymous’ higher ups.

That said, this note, which can be found here: has in it a set of DNS servers that does appear to be rather important for holding up the web. If a massive conglomeration of mean-minded individuals does indeed knock these servers out, we’ll likely not be able to access a big chunk of the web.

Remember to check your sources, everyone, and definitely keep a weather eye on this particular “attack” as it’ll be either a big dud, a big trap, or a big knockout!

[via Twitter]

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